Planet Gladys is the ultimate glow-up

Trash becomes a trippy treasure trove in the latest exhibition to grace Murky Waters Studio.

Magnetic Island artists Nora Gigney and Kit Holloway – aka Squeak and Bubble – have transformed the gallery space into Planet Gladys, an imagined world that promises to delight visitors with its glowing sculptures that come to life under UV light.

Nora says she and Kit hope people will lose themselves in the wondrous world made from recycled materials.

To create Planet Gladys we collected discarded plastic packaging from local businesses and treasures from the tip shop and op shops,” says Nora.

“The creative process usually involves looking at and working with – or playing with – the materials to see what we can do with them, how we can transform them. Or occasionally we might have something specific in mind and improvise with the materials we have at hand to fit the vision. The problem-solving is fun!”

Nora and Kit hope Planet Gladys will turn everyday junk into an inspiring and fantastical experience for all who visit.

“We want them to be transported to another world, to smile while floating around the space and soaking up the atmosphere of Planet Gladys,” Nora says.

“We’ve created a new throne for happy snaps, although it manifested itself into some kind of cute space dragon! Sometimes our sculptures take on a life of their own!

Visit Planet Gladys at Murky Waters Studio on Sunday mornings until 27 November 2022.

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