‘Foreigner’ installed on the Strand

Christopher Trotter's 'Foreigner' has been permanently installed on Townsville's Strand.

The winner of the 2021 Ephemera: Seaside Sculptures has been permanently installed on the Strand.

Christopher Trotter’s won the $90,000 acquisitive prize for his artwork Foreigner, which is made from recycled materials.

Christopher said Foreigner reflects the unique threats Australia faces as an island nation.

“The artwork is inspired by biosecurity threats into Australia including foreign bodies and mutations as well as invasive form of life such as the Asian Tiger Mosquito and Fire Ants,” said Christopher.

“The artwork also has a night-time presence that is inspired by the flashing beacons off the coast of Townsville.”

Christopher said while Foreigner was specific to Townsville, the piece had been born from a much broader context.

“Although this artwork has apparated in my imagination and, in various iterations for well over 20 years, the timing of its physical presence is serendipitous to world issues.”

Christopher is a Brisbane-based artist who has created more than 50 public artworks.

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