Emerging playwrights invited to PlayGround

Terri Brabon and some of the TheatreiNQ team CREDIT Chrissy Maguire

North Queensland’s emerging playwrights now have a chance to finesse their work through a new development program by TheatreiNQ.

PlayGround will pair writers with TheatreiNQ’s ensemble of actors and directors to identify, nurture and breathe life into local writers’ works-in-progress.

TheatreiNQ’s Artistic Director Terri Brabon said PlayGround would use the same collaborative development method the Company has been honing through its own adaptations over the last few years.

“In my experience, actors are such an important part of finessing a script,” said Terri.

“They offer so much insight into whether characters feel authentic. A writing process that involves actors and a director helps to discover any faltering plot developments and highlights any details that may be unclear.

“Actors also have a vast experience of different theatre styles that can help craft a more unique script. Our job as actors is to serve the writer and the story – so to have actors involved early in the process can only enrich the work.”

“… we can’t wait to help local writers find a unique voice for the theatre.”

PlayGround is open to script submissions of any length, subject matter and cast size, and scripts do not need to be finished.

“We want to help writers complete a great script – no matter what stage the writing is currently at,” Terri said. “If the idea is good enough, and we believe in it, we will select it and help kick your ideas along.”

Scripts selected for development will be workshopped with TheatreiNQ’s team over three consecutive weekends, before they are presented to the public as part of a rehearsed play reading festival.

Terri hopes some exciting new works will come from PlayGround.

“People from regional areas such as ours have great ideas that differ from writers from capital centres as our experiences are different. Our voices need to be shared more broadly and we can’t wait to help local writers find a unique voice for the theatre.”

TheatreiNQ is accepting script submissions to PlayGround until 14 May 2022.

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