Enya doubles up at World Monologue Film Festival

Enya Flett in 'We Need Us', which made the semi-finals of the 2022 World Monologue Film Festival

Townsville actor Enya Flett has represented Australia in the World Monologue Film Festival for the second year running.

Enya’s film We Need Us made the semi-finals this year, following her Finals appearance in 2021.

Enya said the World Monologue Film Festival presented a chance for her to grow as an actor and filmmaker. The Festival outlines some challenging requirements – films must be 60-150 seconds long, feature only one performer and be comprised of one continuous shot (no editing).

Enya said her 2022 entry was a deeply personal experience.

“It’s about mental health and the impact that animals have on people who are suffering from panic attacks,” said Enya.

“This film is what I’d consider ‘raw’ and ‘real’, not what I’m used to which made me quite uncomfortable. I had no make-up on and I showed parts of myself that are perceived by others as ‘unflattering’. This film helped me gain a sense courage to step out of my ‘safe space’ and be more vulnerable.”

Enya Flett’s We Need Us was screened as a Semi-Finalist at the 2022 World Monologue Film Festival

Enya said the requirements of the World Monologue Film Festival were both challenging and liberating.

“I like the World Monologue Film Festival because you don’t need a big cast and crew,” she said.

“For me, it’s a chance to take an idea and make it work within the guidelines. Rather than be put off by lack of funding or time, I just work within my means to make it happen for this type of competition.

“Normally when you’re filming, if you find a bit that you love, you just cut it there and edit it together, but we couldn’t do that with this one.”

Enya said her short film took at least 20 takes to perfect.

“There were a few times my costume fell off, then of course the dog would bark or miss her ‘cues’, so we had to call it a wrap.

“It was a good experience. It made me realise as an actor I need to keep my energy up and persevere because other external factors will and do happen!”

We Need Us was one of 26 films from seven countries to make the 2022 World Monologue Film Festival Semi-Finals.

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