Green Things makes art of the everyday

'Among the Butterflies' (details) by Michael Pope is part of a new exhibition at Murky Waters Studio.

Townsville Artist Michael Pope is well known for drawing it as he sees it. His latest exhibition, GREEN THINGS …. And other unrelated drawings from 21/22 is a collection of en plein air works drawn in the moments they were unfolding.

The scenes are an eclectic mix with no obvious common thread beside the artist himself.

“There’s drawings from the car show, when the Rugby was in Townsville, and the dinosaurs at Riverway. Who wouldn’t want to draw dinosaurs at Riverway, right?!” says Michael of the scenes in his work.

“Obviously I’ve drawn all my travels in the past 12 months – which is pretty much restricted to North Queensland! Wherever I go, I have a sketchbook in my hand.”

Michael says taking the time to draw everyday objects and landscapes provides an opportunity to appreciate the seemingly mediocre.

Fairy Falls Creek by Michael Pope appears in Green Things … and other unrelated drawings from 21/22
Fairy Falls Creek 2 by Michael Pope appears in Green Things … and other unrelated drawings from 21/22

“You’re in the space, you have an emotional connection to where you are, you’re watching things move and colours change. I think it’s really about seeing. You can delve into [the scene] – see where things overlap, see the lines.”

Michael is the cofounder of drawing group Urban Sketchers Townsville, which encourages sketchers of all skill levels to meet up regularly and draw in this manner.

“I truly believe you should draw anywhere and anything,” he says.

“When you’re going to draw somewhere you are looking for a point of interest, you’re asking yourself ‘What is it about this area that is drawing me in?’ and once you find that, that sort of prompts the perspective.”

Michael Pope’s exhibition GREEN THINGS … and other unrelated drawings from 21/22 is on display at Murky Waters Studio until 27 March 2022.

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