Phoning it in on artistic collab

Townsville band Colloidal Silver has released a new music video shot and edited entirely on a smart phone. PHOTO: Paul Freeman

Townsville band Colloidal Silver has tapped into one of the biggest music video trends of the last decade with the latest clip for their original track Take Care.

The band has followed the lead of some of modern music’s biggest names – including Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Grimes – by shooting their entire film clip on a smart phone. While the big names stopped at filming, however, Colloidal Silver continued the entire editing process by phone – a challenge that took the band’s singer/songwriter-come-video producer, Dylski, six months to complete.

The lo-fi result is a perfect fit for Colloidal Silver’s grungy stoner rock sound.

Dylski said the biggest editing challenges came down to accuracy.

“I found the cutting/snipping function difficult due to the phone screen being so small – to cut scenes in the right place sometimes took lots of tries and was very testing! Also synching the scene changes to the music took lots of patience,” Dylski said.

Colloidal Silver comprises a mish-mash of musos from other local bands (including Astronaut Launch Party, Red Cat, Trash Meow, Twisted Whisker, Crossroads and The Tremadours) and the group continued to embrace the spirit of artistic collaboration in producing Take Care’s film clip. The clip stars fellow musician Heather Armstrong from band Fool’s Gold and dancer Jordan Galliot. Keen eyes will also spot the paintings of local artist Steve Maguire.

Dylski said it was fantastic to collaborate with other artists on the video.

“Heather gave me lots of ideas to think about which was really helpful and Jordan was really easy to work with as she just free styled her scenes to the music and I took lots of film of her.

“It was a bit daunting for me when I first approached Jordan because I knew I wanted a dancer, I knew she’s a brilliant dancer, but I didn’t really know what I wanted her to do. Luckily, she is really relaxed and was open to all the ideas I had. Her interpretation of the music turned out to be perfect,” said Dylski.

“Collaborating has definitely helped me grow creatively.”

Find and listen to Colloidal Silver on BandCamp

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