Perc Tucker launches Digital Exhibitions

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery is launching digital tours of its current exhibitions. IMAGE: 'Stories from Bwgcolman' (2)(detail) by Elijah Clarke 2020.

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery has taken its exhibitions online with virtual tours of its latest exhibitions: Stewart MacFarlane’s Outside Looking In and Reflections: The TNQ7 Film Archive Project.

Townsville City Galleries creative director Jonathan McBurnie said the virtual tours were an essential way to continue delivering world-class exhibitions to Townsville while adhering to social distancing restrictions in place to help slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

“We’re really pleased to be able to offer this option from Perc Tucker Gallery to the Townsville community and to those further afield in other towns and cities,” said Jonathan.

“Townsville City Galleries staff, Stewart MacFarlane and the team behind Reflections: The TNQ7 Film Archive Project have worked hard to present these exhibitions, so it’s great to be able to still show these works.” 

Stewart MacFarlane ‘The Terrestrials’ oil on canvas 2015.

Outside Looking In spans these decades of exploration, reflecting MacFarlane’s consistent fascination with the world, with people and places, and how light falls on it all. It’s a vivid and captivating collection of work that brings technicolour worlds to life.

Reflections: The TNQ7 Film Archive Project invited eight local artists to respond to historic archival footage that is of significance to the individual artist to Townsville.

Participating artist, Neil Binnie said the volume of footage available to choose from – approximately 8,625 tapes – ensured plenty of variety in the exhibition.

“A number of artists choose very different elements from the archival footage, there’s a lot of diversity in mediums, and there’s diversity in the artists, too – we’re different ages, different backgrounds and at different points in our careers,” Neil said.

Hannah Murray ‘ Reef Link I’ (circa 1983)
Sheree Kinlyside TVL1-6 2020

“I predominantly work in abstract, so while my work is based on what I’ve seen visually, it’s interpreted through different light and shade, and tonal colours.”

Neil’s contributions to Reflections include a series of small pieces comprising oil paint and charcoal on paper and collage; as well as some larger paintings, all depicting Townsville’s iconic Victoria Bridge.

“The footage I found most interesting was video on the Victoria Bridge when it was being redeveloped in the late 80s,” Neil said.

“There was a short interview with one of the Councillors at the time about getting the funding together for the redevelopment and the video showed the construction as it was being refurbished and they installed a roof over it from end to end.

“I think a lot about urban change – in Townsville specifically because that’s where I am – but the CBD, Flinders Street, Ogden Street areas are really interesting. I thought about this footage as being a document of Victoria Bridge at the time and decided this was my chance to document the same landmark today.”

Outside Looking In and Reflections: The TNQ7 Film Archive Project run online until 17 May.

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