Let’s Dance, BRO

Barrier Reef Orchestra's next concert, 'Let's Dance', will be held on 26 October 2016.

Think orchestral music is all elbow length gloves, monocles and high-brow how-de-doo’s?

Think again!

The next concert by the Barrier Reef Orchestra promises to have you toe-tapping along, with Guest Conductor Gwyn Roberts saying the works on the programme for the concert, aptly titled Let’s Dance, were ‘lighter’ than previous programs boasting full symphonic works.

“I went for dance because it offers both sparkling and sensuous music possibilities, and can include great variety in character from different countries,” said Gwyn.

“Everyone can relate to dance in one form or another, unlike a serious Sibelius or Mahler Symphony which arguably require more musical understanding and a lot of patient listening.”

Gwyn has selected pieces from various countries which the Orchestra will perform.

“[The selected works] provide a variety of characters which relate directly to the human spirit; as well as memorable melodies, often repeated a number of times so people can remember the ‘good tunes’,” he said.

Barrier Reef Orchestra’s vibrant playing will be further embellished by several other guest performers.

“Solo pianist Jenni Flemming will play part of the sensuous “waltz” movement from Ravel’s Piano Concerto and the solo piano part in Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dance No. 1,” said Gwyn.

 “A delightful tango dance couple from Tango Craze in Cairns will also join us.”

Don’t miss Barrier Reef Orchestra’s Let’s Dance on 26 October at the Townsvile Civic Theatre. Click here for tickets.

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