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Matilda Duncan will release her second single 'Paper Blades' on 20 September 2019 PHOTO: Pip Crowe

Townsville singer-songwriter Matilda Duncan hasn’t even released her second single yet, but its already scored her a Finalist nod in the Queensland Music Festival’s On Song song writing competition and a mentorship with noted Aussie songwriter Jack Carty.

The single, Paper Blades, is the first original tune Matilda ever finished (back in 2017) and will drop on all major music platforms on 20 September 2019.

Matilda said the song seemed to come to her from nowhere.

“The story evolved in my head and I guess it was somewhat of a metaphor for something I’m still trying to figure out,” said Matilda.

“I’m really grateful that the people from Queensland Music, especially the likes of Katie Noonan and Jack Carty who judged it, would recognise this song of being worthy.”

Not bad at all for a song that Matilda was happy to have forgotten, if it hadn’t been for encouragement from friends and strangers who happened to pick it up during her live gigs and open mic performances.

Matilda Duncan will release her second single on 20 September 2019.

“As I was playing one day, the lyrics came to me as I was imaging this little story and that’s what I take it back to when I play it even now.”

While the song’s structure has remained the same since its inception, Matilda said the Production by Mark Myers, of indie band The Middle East-fame – took it to the next level.

“I never believed it would go anywhere, I never wanted to do anything with it, I never wanted to play it; so to have the song recognised in something with that kind of weight is a real honour.

“Mark’s production on the track has definitely evolved it into something I didn’t foresee when I wrote it …  we both clicked on where it needed to go and he did some really cool stuff with it,” Matilda said.

“A few people had come up and said they really liked that one song, so I gave it a second go and I’m really glad I did.”

Matilda Duncan’s Paper Blades will be available across all major music platforms from 20 September 2019.

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