The Specialists

Townsville's Michael Sams will tackle his first one-man show this July as part of the North Australian Festival of Arts. IMAGE: JRNQ Productions

Townsville’s Michael Sams will make his one-man show debut this July, expertly stitching together some of his past monologues to create The Specialists.

The show brings four characters together in a single location that promises plenty of laughs: A men’s self-help forum.

“It’s essentially a night of me being silly in lots of different ways, playing four different characters who each believe they are there to impart wisdom and knowledge,” explained Michael. “But they’re wrong, because they don’t really have these things.”

Over one hour, Michael will become four blissfully ignorant alter-egos: sexologist and plastic surgeon, Professor Xavier Zinc; Reverend Phil Smyth Jnr Jnr; fitness guru Shawn Brawn; and master Actor, Mr Flair.

As a trained Actor himself, Michael is no stranger to taking on challenging roles, but this show has called on him to develop an entirely new skill – ad-libbing with the audience.

“It’s a completely different skill and I’ve never done stand-up. Every time I’ve been on stage, I’ve had the script locked down in my head … I can’t lock down what the audience is going to say or not say. That’s the fear: I ask the question and no guy wants to be the one to answer it.

“Some of the things that I talk about are risqué – it’s not going to be for everyone.”

Catch The Specialists in the Empire Theatre, Queens Gardens 25-28 July. For information and tickets, click here.

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