Oh Voye!

Ben Fryer and Shem Appleton have collaborated on new music project, Voye. IMAGE: Jamie Torplelund

Ask Shem Appleton what his new project Voye is, and he’ll be the first to admit that he’s not quite sure.

“I don’t really want to put too many limitations on what Voye is or isn’t, but it’s definitely not a solo project,” said Shem.

The first offering, Hummingbird, is a delicate, lyrical tapestry that weaves itself around the listener’s imagination. Shem wrote the track in 2013 but it’s only just been recorded and released as the first single from Voye’s forthcoming debut EP of the same name.

“I think the tone of it’s changed a bit because it was written about a very personal time for me and from a very personal space,” said Shem of the song. “The further I’ve got away from that, [the more] I’ve been able to see the bigger picture and see how it really shaped me into a better person.”

The new EP rounds up four tracks that Shem has been working on for some time, and which he’s polished with Voye collaborator Ben Fryer.

“I’ve written all of the songs so far, but I definitely take things to Ben and he adds a lot of good direction … He’s been really helpful in fleshing out ideas and finding the direction we want to take things in.”

Voye’s debut EP will be released on 27 July, with a Launch Party taking place at the Courthouse Theatre. Check the NAFA program for details.

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