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Astronomical 2 gives audiences a chance to learn about the Universe before seeing it for themselves

If you’re curious about constellations, starry-eyed over space or thirsty for thought-provoking theatre, you may want to check out Full Throttle Theatre’s Astronomical 2.

The al fresco edu-show follows on from the wildly popular Astronomical, which toured through more than 80 communities in regional, remote and rural Queensland teaching audiences about the stars and planets through historical figures brought to life.

Director, Madonna Davies said the wonderful response to the first production made the follow-up a must.

“The sequel had to be done because of demand from our audiences who wanted to know more,” said Madonna.

“Astronomical 2 keeps Galileo Galilei as the central character with new characters joining him including Brian Schmidt, Clyde Tombaugh, a few Popes from the past, an academic, Jocelyn Bell and a welcome back to Albert Einstein.”

Through ‘first person’ retellings and humorous conversations between the brains trust, audiences will learn about discoveries such as pulsars, the Red Shift and the end of the Universe. At the end of the show, the audience can make use of the remote location at the Townsville Barra Farm to peer through ‘El Gordo’ – a telescope that is bigger than the average man.

“The stars and planets are very visible through the telescope out there,” Madonna said.

“Everyone gets to finish the evening with a full belly, a big smile and Jupiter and Saturn in your eyes.”

Full Throttle Theatre Company will present Astronomical 2 at The Townsville Barra Farm each Friday and Saturday evening until 20 July. Each performance includes a buffet dinner. For tickets, click here.

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