It’s Fantastica!

Fantastica by Latin Vibrations
Latin Vibrations will partner with Cajam Circus and Townsville Pole Fitness to present Fantastica on 20 July 2019 IMAGE: On the Ball Photography

Performers from Latin Vibrations, Townsville Pole Fitness and Cajam Circus will combine their talents in the May Wirth Spiegeltent during the Northern Fringe Festival, to transport audiences into a fantasy world.

While Latin Vibrations’ Director Jodie Coey-Braddon refused to reveal too much about the adventure Fantastica would offer, she did gauruntee audience members’ hearts would sink, soar, twist and burst all in the one show.

“Unlike our past showcases, this show has a narrative that carries the performances through the production,” said Jodie.

“I can’t quite tell you what the story is – you have to come along and see it – but it is about transporting everyone in the audience to somewhere else and where they end up is kind of going to depend on each person and where their mind wants to take them.

“I’d love to hear the conversations after the show … because I expect different people might have a different interpretation of what they saw.”

Despite Latin Dance and Pole Fitness generally considered more risqué dance styles, Jodie said Fantastica would be suitable for young adults as well as older audience members. The youngest cast member is just eight years old.

“It’s not extremely ‘adult’ in terms of the content,” she said. “And even though we are Latin Vibrations, we are not only Latin in terms of dance styles. We have some Burlesque for example, but it won’t be overly risqué Burlesque; there’ll be Brazilian Samba, hip-hop, tap, contemporary, jazz, I could keep going!”

The 50-strong cast, which utilises performers from all three groups, is the biggest Latin Vibrations has ever presented.

“Because we’re all part of the arts community, and dance and acrobatics tend to cross over a little, ideas came together to create the most professional standard that we’ve had the opportunity to do. That’s really exciting for all the performers involved; they really get to step up and shine brighter that ever before.”

Fantastica will be held on 20 July 2019 in The May Wirth Spigeltent, Queens Gardens. For tickets, go to  

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