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The Princesses' Prom Night
Props Youth Theatre will present The Princesses' Prom Night on 3-6 July 2019

Props Youth Theatre will present some of the most iconic fairytale princesses of all time in a different light (quite literally), when they stage The Princesses’ Prom Night from 3 – 7 July 2019.

The multi-layered parody, written by Todd Barty and Directed by Abbie Wakeham, will take the Props team out of their usual performance space at the Courthouse Theatre and into the adjoining Perfume Gardens

Abbie said the show twisted together story lines of iconic children’s tales.

“The plot tells the story of the King and Queen who are searching to find their son Charming a bride,” said Abbie.

“However, unlike his brothers Dashing and Debonair, Charming is a bit of a geek and isn’t interested in finding a vain princess to marry. The Queen calls upon the Fairy Godmother Dame Nyvette and her two fairies to invite the most beautiful ladies of the land to their reinvented gala ball, which they are calling ‘The Prom’.

“Amongst the cast are Props Life Members Charlotte Davies, Ashleigh Dodson, Isabella and Nikolai Wuth and Lara Hodgson,” Abbie said. “The cast has also been graced with a lot of new faces, who I’m sure will shine on stage in this dazzling tale.” 

Abbie said the staging within the Gardens would provide a new experience for cast, crew and audience members.

“The kids will be able to really utilise the space and use the Gardens to help bring the set to life. 

“I’m hoping that The Princesses’ Prom Night brings a fresh spin on the classic fairy tales we have all grown up with. Young kids will love all the fighting and the silliness while parents will appreciate the humour and pop culture references that Todd has used to write this fantastic play.”

Catch The Princesses’ Prom Night in the Perfume Gardens on 3 – 7 July 2019.  For times and tickets, click here.

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