5 INTERACTIVE EVENTS at the Northern Fringe

Party Like Gatsby at the Courthouse Theatre on 20 July 2019

“I don’t want to go to the Fringe Festival. Why would I pay to sit and watch a live show performed by talented artists in a beautiful Spiegeltent , when I could stay home and watch old eps of the Gilmore Girls in my spaghetti-stained undies?”

If that sounds like you:

  1. We can’t be friends any more; and
  2. Don’t worry, lounge lizard; We’ve rounded up some great interactive shows for you to make the most of your time outside the house this Northern Fringe Festival.

So pull on your going-out knickers and let’s have some fun!

Dead Puppet Society: 1 July – 4 July
Kids and adults can discover the joy of puppetry with the Dead Puppets Society. Their series of workshops will teach you all about designing and constructing a puppet; as well as bringing it to life in performance.

You don’t have to pull many strings to book yourself in for these free workshops – just be quick some are booking out. Secure your spot here.

Dead Puppet Society at the Northern Fringe Festival 2019
Design and create your own puppets, then bring them to life in performance.

Bush Tune workshop: 20 & 21 July
Ever wanted to play in a bush band? “Wattle n Gum” is hosting a series workshops to teach you their dance repertoire, so that you can join them on stage for one big bush dance on 27 July.

Grab whatever instrument you can find and can ready to play along (you don’t need to read music to be involved). For workshop times and locations, click here.

Party Like Gatsby: 20 July
Flapper dresses, pocket watches, fedoras and sequins! The roaring ‘20s and ‘30s are back! Join Swing Dancing Townsville and the Hot Club Quartet for a spectacular night of swing dancing and live swingin’ jazz music. Learn the Charleston (no partner needed) from 7pm, followed by a dance party from 7.45pm.

Swing in to the Courthouse Theatre from 7pm on 20 July to be part of the fun. Tickets are available on the door. For more information, click here.

Bar Choir: 26 July
“That’s the way it’s gonna be little darlin’…”
If you couldn’t resist singing the next line, this one is for you! Bar Choir marries the most-loved pub rock hits with the joy of singing in a group for one great big sing-a-long. You don’t need to be the next Adele (because, let’s face it, all those voices will drown one another out anyway), just get along and raise your voice.

Follow the bouncing ball from 9pm on 26 July at Heritage Exchange. Entry is free and no bookings are required.

Octopus Garden Workshops: 28 July – 4 August
If you like to be under the sea, you’ll probably like being in the Octopus’s Garden too (there’s a marquee, so it is in the shade!). Get inspired by the 40-odd artworks on display as part of Strand Ephemera and then make your own underwater masterpiece.

These free drop in workshops will run daily.
Click here for times and locations.

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