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Madeleine Dyer
Madeleine Dyer will work alongside noted director Kriv Stenders on a new documentary about the life of Slim Dusty IMAGE: Supplied

Townsville’s Madeleine Dyer has secured her second Director’s attachment on a great Australian tale, landing a gig alongside noted Director Kriv Stenders (Red Dog) on a new feature documentary recounting the life of Slim Dusty.

Slim and I will recount the country music star’s life through interviews with his wife Joy McKean.

“Joy is an incredibly talented force in her own right,” said Madeleine. “She will recount her and Slim’s life, while also exploring other peripheral family and country music stars.”

It’s these kind of stories – true tales about real Australians – that drive Madeleine as a film-maker.

“It’s about seeing people’s heart and soul come out on camera,” she said. “Capturing their true essence, so that it’s palpable for the audience and we feel like we are truly there with them.”

Madeleine’s attachment on Slim and I follows her previous experience working under Rachel Griffiths on the upcoming Michelle Payne biopic, Ride Like a Girl.

Madeleine Dyer worked as Director’s attachment to Rachel Griffiths on the upcoming Michelle Payne biopic, Ride Like a Girl.

“I feel this project is so different from such an epic film like Ride Like a Girl,” Madeleine said.

“Because this is a feature documentary and we’re dealing with icon who has passed, it’s going to involve a lot of archival footage, so post-production will be where the film is made.

“I’m fascinated to tap into Kriv’s sensibilities around story and how he approaches such a unique project and I know that I will gain so much just being in his presence.”

However, this year will not be spent entirely behind the camera. Madeleine has just secured a cameo role on the second season of comedian Matt Okine’s Stan series The Other Guy. Madeleine will play an actor playing the character of a character played by her real-life sister, Harriet Dyer (Love Child, No Activity). Confused? We were too!

Madeleine said she’s looking forward to spending time on set with Harriet.

“She’s a comic genius and I love everything she does. We’re mischievous when we get together, so I’m sure we’ll shake things up on set for a couple of days.”

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