Driving Tammy Sane

Tammy Moxon
Tammy Moxon's second album, Drive Me Sane, is out now IMAGE: Supplied

Townsville Singer-Songwriter Tammy Moxon has released her second album, working with highly celebrated musician and producer Shane Nicholson, to craft a collection of songs that accurately capture her own life in recent years.

Drive Me Sane follows Tammy’s debut album, Fall in Time (2016), and she says the process from album to album couldn’t have been more different.

“The last album was a collection of works I had been writing since I was 15, and this time I wrote specifically for this album.” Tammy said.

Drive Me Sane pretty much pokes fun at how complicated life can be. It’s an album full of revelations: Life isn’t perfect, but we’re lucky to have the people that save us from tipping over,” Tammy said.

As a regular session musician for other recording artists, Tammy is no stranger to the studio; however, she said working on her own material was a vastly different, much more emotional experience.

“I’ve written with other people, songs that I know will be theirs to record and release. Those songs are usually personal to them and therefore, I’m able to detach myself from whatever happens to those songs. With the songs I know I will record, it’s so much harder to detach myself. They’re my babies. Some of the emotions I sing about are pretty raw. There is one song I have to remind myself to breathe – I get out of breath because the content of the song sometimes sends me into near panic attack mode – because that emotion is still so recent.”

Tammy said Shane Nicholson had expertly captured the sounds and emotions she’d wanted to convey.

“It was incredible hearing him work – because he was so focused on the little things that add to the brightness of the song.

“In the liner notes, you can see all the instruments he played on this album. Some of those instruments I’ve never heard of. He took the reigns and I was never over his shoulder saying, ‘nah, I don’t like that.’ Everything he did was either what I wanted or better.”

Listen to Tammy Moxon’s Drive Me Sane on all major digital music platforms.

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